Essential features of smartphones you should know

Expand your knowledge about your smartphone. This time we are going to delve deeper into virtual assistant used in the modern mobile operation systems and software development kits available in smartphones.

Virtual Assistants

This is what we are all familiar with and knows so well. There are “Hello Siri”, “Ok Google”, Microsoft Cortana, Alexa, and so on. Some may find them quite not as amazing as it sounds rather annoying or useless features for most people. Regardless of the dispute and preferences, they do come with a handy feature that enables you to place quick calls, navigation, and other things you can quickly do by just saying them. For instance, if you need to find a quick guide or local cafe, you just speak out to Siri, Apple’s virtual Assistant whose voice is by default set to female voice will respond to you with the right results. These are just the crud example of how they can assist you. They can also help you arrange your mundane tasks and meetings for you as well as make any Internet searches. In some cases, activating some services, features, and apps.

Virtual Assistants are incredibly useful for people with any disabilities. Anyone unable to get things done on these devices by tapping or touching can utilize these virtual assistants. They are also useful when you are busy driving even though anything that may distract you on the road is highly discouraged to use for safety purposes. From navigation, to place calls, navigating, changing music, etc. Typically are done by connecting them to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system. You are also able to download other third-party virtual assistants if your platform allows you to use them.

Software Development Kits (SDK)

Almost all mobile operating system comes in with some sort of software development Kit (SDK) or application development kit which can be used to create your own custom apps or additional features to an existing app in the device. This is a treasure for any Mobile app developer. You can easily tweak, and write your own apps using these SDKs. One of the popular iOS SDK known as Xcode can be used to write iOS applications using Apple’s official documentation. You will also be able to see the app running on the iPhone simulator.

Each of these mobile operating systems comes in with some challenges for app developers. Apple’s strictly disciplined development model will put your app through meticulous testing before they allow it to make it to the App Store. Microsoft’s development model is not as strict as Apple’s but does something similar. On the other hand, Google allows you to create Android Apps and distribute them across the world without much interference.