Everything you need to know about User Interface (UI) in smartphones

This is one of the must-have features that all mobile operating system shares, Graphical User Interface (GUI). The purpose of this is to let the user interact with the hardware and software by tapping on various icons across the device. None of the current models off interacting with the command-line interface.

If you are willing to learn more about the design of smartphones, this article will provide you with all of the necessary details about GUI in iOS and Android.

The basic structure of a mobile phone UI

Each of the modern operating systems will have a centre or primary button or rows of icons that enable the user to get access to the primary and important features of the device. These operating system needs to make sure they support touch gestures like swiping navigation between screen or pinching to zoom in and out. They also have some sort of menu system which exposes the user to varieties of other data and apps.

UI and iOS

iOS lets you customize the user interface to some degree. You can group apps together into a folder and position the apps wherever and however, you like and these are just some examples. The look and feel of iOS are not changing anytime soon or change at all, remain constant.

UI and Android

For Android Operating System, they offer quite a distinct GUI from iOS. They have programs called launchers which allow the user to customize their android device to great extent. A lot of companies make launchers and various manufacturers build and ship devices with pre-installed launchers that either they prefer or make. For instance, Samsung devices deploy the TouchWiz launcher.

How do you change or check your android’s default launcher? You simply go to settings, then home and to default launcher. This will show you the current launcher. If you don’t like the default launcher set in your android, go and look for other launchers on Play Store or Amazon App store. You will find plenty of launchers and cool launchers out there. Simply install one and most of them will auto or ask if you would like to set it as the system launcher. Launchers give you an extensive ability to change almost every aspect of the GUI and animations.

Almost each of these mobile devices includes a gyroscope or accelerometer which maintains the proper orientation of up and down and movements in space. These help with the features like screen rotation.