Tips on how to properly care for your hair in winter

If you live somewhere where cold weather happens, you’re probably aware of the damage it does to your hair. The elements are complex on all hair textures and varieties throughout the winter. Hair, like skin, has to be protected from the cold to be soft and healthy. Protect your hair from the elements, including cold air, strong gusts, static electricity, and even interior heat. When spring eventually arrives, you want to have beautiful hair to flaunt!

Oiling regularly

By moisturizing the scalp and increasing blood flow in the hair roots, massaging your hair and scalp with natural oils regularly, say once or twice a week, in these cold winter months may nourish your hair roots and strengthen your hair roots hair follicles. Coconut, jaborandi, argan, Brahmi, almond, sesame, or olive oils are excellent options. For optimum results, let the oil on overnight and wash it off the following morning.

Less heat

 We tend to use heated equipment more often during the winter, which is terrible for our hair. Make your blow-dry last longer so you don’t have to do it as frequently.

Hairwashing regularly should be avoided

Shampooing your hair often removes its natural oils, creating additional dryness and irritation. Extend the time between washes if possible. Hair should not be shampooed more than twice a week. To preserve the natural moisture balance, always use a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo.

Make a change in how you wash your hair

There’s no denying that your hair, especially during the dry winter months, needs the natural oils produced by the scalp. Excessive washing may remove these protective oils, as well as the moisture they offer, from your hair. So, restrict your hair washing to once or twice a week and use a light shampoo appropriate for your hair and scalp. Also, avoid washing your hair with back-and-forth strokes since this may cause tangling and breakage, as well as damage the hair follicle.

If your hair is wet, don’t go out.

Cold air stretches hair shafts, making them more prone to breakage and perhaps losing color. Before going out in the sun, make sure your hair is dehydrated. Allow more time for your hair to air dry, or better yet, adjust your winter hair care regimen.

Don’t forget to condition your hair.

If you’re a busy person, you’re likely to rush out of the shower after washing your hair and overlook the crucial step of applying conditioner.

However, you must set aside an additional 5 minutes to condition your hair, as this will moisturize and protect the exterior layer of your hair, making it smooth and glossy, and help eliminate frizziness and breakage.

Choose a conditioner that contains cetyl alcohol. It is derived from coconut and is the most outstanding moisturizing agent. Coconut oil’s chemical structure is too big to penetrate the hair cuticle, but you can make cetyl alcohol by removing the molecule and shrinking it.