Sustainable summer outfits for hot days

Sustainable fashion, fair fashion companies, and sustainable brands are buzzwords these days… but what are sustainable clothes? In a nutshell, environmentally friendly fashion is created in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. At the same time, the health of the individuals who manufacture the clothing is a priority. It’s a massive cycle that begins with the tiniest thread in a garment and finishes with a company. It is also incredibly sustainable if you do not purchase new clothing but rather purchase used clothing and give it a second life.


What would a summer outfit be complete without a simple white tee? Boody is a clothing company that promotes green and ethics since it is made from organically cultivated bamboo. Like the rest of the collection, this crew neck is ultra-soft and breathable and can be worn with almost any outfit. We need some reusability in our lives! The group is available in sizes XS-XL.

Dawn Christy

 Dawn Christy makes very swoon-worthy gowns. She takes her fashion seriously, and her summer line is no exception. With their beautiful flowers, soft hues, and flowing skirts, these dresses seem like they came right out of a storybook. Hands down, we can see ourselves wearing these outfits and relaxing in a lovely meadow. The fact that  Dawn Christy gowns are constructed entirely of deadstock fabrics is one of our favorite features. To put it another way, the leftover materials from big fashion companies. They recycle the textile waste created by other fashion companies into something lovely.


├ęclipse makes UPF 50+ climate-controlling apparel and accessories, such as this men’s shirt, which comes in several traditional colorways. It’s the ideal layering shirt for protecting yourself from dangerous UV radiation while warming and cooling you as required. Isn’t it amazing? The company also caters to women and children, so get a shirt for the entire family!


 looking for a dress from a sustainable company that accommodates women of all shapes and sizes? We like their models’ diversity and body positivity. Knowing how a garment would appear on various body shapes makes internet buying simplerThe majority of Fauxgerty’s gowns are incredibly flowing, making them ideal for twirling and frolicking in. You’ll look great in any of them this summer since there’s something for everyone. Fauxgerty not only has some gorgeous outfits, but they also offer some fantastic values. From their certified organic cotton to its deadstock vintage, they utilize only sustainable resources. Deadstock vintage is essentially salvaged excess fabric that would otherwise be headed for the trash and turned into stunning pieces with vivid colors and patterns. Fauxgerty also makes its clothing out of fake suede and an eco-friendly leather substitute.