The things you should never wash in a washing machine

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, people purchase washing machines in order to make their lives easier and save a lot of time switching from manual washing to the automatic one. Unfortunately, there is a whole range of things you should never wash in a washing machine for different reasons. Some of them can be easily washed manually, whereas others will require professional help.

Swimming suits

In fact, it is not obvious to the majority of people that swimming suits should not be washed in washing machines. Of course, they are designed for swimming and good models are also designed to be resistant to high temperatures, sun exposure and salty water. Still, neither of these harsh factors is the same as automatic washing process which can cause mechanical damage to your swimming suit.

The plastic and metallic elements of bras can change their position during a washing process or get inside the fabric making holes in it. At the same time, the fibre itself can become worn out a way easier while washed automatically.

What should you do to wash your swimming suit safely?

The best thing you can do if you do not want to buy a new swimming suit every season is washing it manually.


No matter whether your tie is made of natural silk or polyamide fibres which is regarded to be artificial silk, it is still a rather bad idea to wash it with a whole bunch of various garments inside a washing machine. Natural silk is a rather delicate material which can easily get destroyed because of the mechanical impact of machine washing. When it comes to polyamide, this material is more resistant to machine washing, yet, it can easily develop a peeling effect on its surface while being washed automatically which is certainly nothing appealing.

On top of that, ties have a particular structure which can easily get destroyed during automatic washing process.

How should you wash ties to keep them in tact as long as possible?

The recommendation here is the same as in the previous case – ties should be washed manually with delicate washing products.


The majority of jackets, especially the models tailored specifically to the shape of the body include various elements for maintaining a particular shape, for instance, in shoulders or waist. Machine washing is rather harmful for the structure of such pieces of clothes as it can easily make them absolutely shapeless.

How can you wash your jacket?

Actually, it is possible to wash it manually unless it is rather dirty as you are not supposed to rub it too intensively. Yet, a better idea will be to wash it chemically.

Caps and other headgear with visors

If you have such one, you might think the visor in the hat is pretty solid and nothing can happen to it during washing in a washing machine. In the reality, you can never be sure of the exact material used for the production of this element. Sometimes it is made of thin plastic and in some models even a more delicate material can be used. In any case, being washed inside a washing machine can easily damage or deform a visor. In addition to it, the fabric covering the edges of the visors can start peeling and develop wholes while washing automatically.

How should you wash hats with visors?

The best way of washing such headgear will be manual. After washing it, do not squeeze it in order to get rid of water. Just leave the hat hanging until it dries on its own.