How to keep in contact during a lockdown situation

In the new laws and regulations, it doesn’t matter whether your loved ones live in another country or just down the street; as long as they are not in the same household as you, you will be unable to see them for the foreseeable future. If you want to protect yourselves, your family, your friends, then following the Covid-19 lockdown guidance is the most important thing you can do for everyone involved. And don’t be concerned since, even if you aren’t able to go to the bar together, there are many methods to keep in contact with your family due to technological advances.


Zoom was a name that most people in the world had never heard of until a few months ago. Over 300 million individuals now use it daily. Using a free Zoom account, you may participate in video conferences with up to 100 other people. Zoom is a pretty straightforward application to use. The only thing you’ll need to make your first call is an internet connection and a gadget equipped with a camera. Nearly all laptops come equipped with built-in cameras these days, but you can pick one up for a reasonable price if you don’t already have one. As an alternative, you may use the Zoom app on your smartphone, which is entirely free. Each Zoom call is password secured for your protection and security. You may send this password to your friends and family members in a private message through email or text message. It is critical not to publish these URLs or passwords somewhere that the general public may see them, such as on your Facebook page since so-called “Zoom-bombers” have resorted to interrupting private meetings in the past.

App  House Party

Even during the quarantine period, this innovative social networking tool is taking everyone’s minds off things. The software provides for group video chatting via mobile and desktop applications and playing games while on video conversations. When your pals are online, the app sends you a notification, and you may instantly begin conversing with them. The reality that you can play games while on a call truly distinguishes this app from the others. 


In contrast to Skype, the popularity of FaceTime seems to be increasing rather than declining. Every Apple device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, comes pre-installed with this video-calling software. Consequently, FaceTime is likely to be a handy method for most individuals to stay in contact while their homes are evacuated. Even more concerning, the usage of smartphones by older adults is rapidly rising. In 2019, 18 percent of Brits over 75 stated that they had used a smartphone. Make FaceTime calls immediately if you have an iPhone or other Apple device in your possession. You may make phone calls to anybody who has an Apple device that meets the requirements provided you know their mobile phone number or the email address associated with their Apple ID. Originally, FaceTime could only be used for one-on-one conversations, but since 2018, it has allowed up to 32 individuals to participate in a group session.