Music and synthesisers

Have you ever thought about what music is? Have you ever been interested in the ways you can create sound and actually make it sound as music? What are the ways of extending the possibilities of traditional musical instruments?

If you are wondering at least about one of these questions, you will find a lot of interesting facts in this short article.

What is music?

In the world of music, anything could be used as an instrument. Literally, it could be anything based on how you perceive your music to be. Generally, musical tracks are based on some sort of setup of musical instruments that produce sounds. These tracks are made up of various layers of instrumentation.

Mostly the sound compilation that is considered to be a musical track is the one that has shifts in the pitch that are coming out of an instrument. These are what considered, in a conventional way, a melody. Some melody may sooth your soul and some may hurl you to space and back based on the setup and the kind of a composition you are listening to.

In a musical composition, typically some form of various orchestral instruments are used or if it is a rock or pop like band, some sort of combinations of guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, drums are the most apparent setup.

Again, these are just what typically seen but this does not have to necessarily be in this way.

Electronic musical instruments

From the early rising force until the time of modern instruments started dominating the world of music, expanding the horizon of artistic creativity, synthesisers have always been an extraordinary piece of instrument there. This single piece of an electronic musical instrument changed the course of soundscape and brought a new sound of rising sun into the history of music.

Synthesisers are, an electronic musical instruments which produce sounds by the means of electronic signals. The connections of these signals are made possible through various solutions of electronic engineering tailored under the hood. Since its magnificent arrival in 1960s and the advent of such instruments as the Dr. Robert Moog’s Moog synthesiser, things went nuts from thereon and a new kind of sound was born which began to permeate not only through the mainstream pop or rock genres but also television commercials, news and films.

Common types of synthesisers

Typically, there are various categories of synthesisers out there. The most common and primary kinds of synthesisers are analogue synthesisers, digital synthesisers, hybrid synthesisers and modular synthesisers. All of the analogue, digital, hybrid synthesisers came in as full-fledged keyboards with built-in components that are necessary for the functionality and arrangement for the production of the sound. The examples of these electronic musical instruments are Minimoog, Yamaha Dx7 and the Sequential Pro 3 Hybrid synthesiser.