How to wash your clothes in a proper way

Clothes is wearing out not only when one is waring it. Washing clothes itself is harsh for it. It is crucial to know how to do it properly so that your favourite pieces of clothes will be good for wearing for as long as possible.

Wash clothes only when it is dirty

The most crucial rule is to resign from washing clean clothes. Of course, there is always a moment when clothes is not dirty at all but it is not fresh either. In all likelihood, you have an urge to wash it anyway, however, this is exactly the moment when your clothes is experiencing the harsh impact of washing unnecessarily.

The best thing you can do is to wash it manually without any harsh chemical substances.

Prepare your clothes for washing

The first thing you need to do before washing your clothes is to check your pockets. The things you might leave there can spoil not only the clothes but also an entire washing machine.

It is also important to zip up all of the zippers in your clothes as these parts of your clothes can severely damage other items. In addition to it, they can even scratch the washing machine from inside.

Note that it is advised to unpin the buttons. In such a way you will protect them from getting pulled out of your clothes.

Finally, it is recommended to wash your clothes inside-out. In such a way, you will be able to minimise the loss of colour as well as pealing of the textile material.

Sort your clothes before washing

Even though it should be obvious, not everyone is doing it. Sorting your clothes by colour is crucial in order to protect it from changing its colour during the washing process.

Yet, it is even less obvious to many people that there are several other ways in which you should sort your clothes. First of all, it is recommended to sort it by a type of a textile material. A bad idea is to wash clothes made of delicate and thin materials with the clothes made of harsh and rigid fabric. In addition to it, a god idea is to sort your clothes by the level of dirtiness.

It is important since you might need different washing modes as well as chemical products for washing particular types of clothes.

Choose appropriate temperature for washing

You should make sure not only to wash the clothes according to the instruction given by the manufacturer, but also to make sure this instruction is really working for your piece of clothes. For example, it might happen that your favourite T-shirt is losing its colour, while the instruction says it can be washed in the temperature of 40 degrees. In such a case, you should reduce the temperature regardless of the suggestions of the manufacturer. The exact behaviour of the material should be checked before you start a washing cycle. A good idea will be to try to wash a small piece of a garment beforehand to check its reaction to warm water and cleaning product.

By the way, it is crucial to understand the temperature shown by the manufacturer of clothes in the instructions does not mean you have to wash it exactly in the water of such temperature. In the reality the number stands for the maximum allowed temperature and it is always a good practiced to use smaller temperature if the garment is not too dirty.

It is also recommended to start washing clothes in a smaller temperature even if it has some stains. Some modern washing products are pretty efficient and can get rid of stains. Only when you see that the current washing cycle did not work, you can use higher temperature.

Use washing bags

Washing bags are a great way to protect the most delicate clothes such as undergarments, tights or even sweaters. In such a way you will not have to waste time on tedious manual washing of such items and at the same time, they will be protected from damages.