How can you live through a Monday more easily?

There are millions of people who have to go to work on Monday after having a weekend. It does not seem as anything special, however, people tend to feel worse on the very first day of the working week since they have to switch to their working mode after a short period of relaxation. Certainly, if your work is stressful itself, Mondays can become even more depressing.

Fortunately, there are several simple tricks which can help you minimise your negative feelings of a new working week, be more productive and feel physically better as well.

Prepare for Monday beforehand

Even though Sunday is still a day off and you might not be willing to think about any responsibilities beforehand, in all likelihood, you will still not be able to relax completely knowing you have to go to work the next day.

It is highly recommended to pack for work on Sunday rather than do it on Monday right before going to work. Make a plan of tasks for the next week, prepare all the things you need as well as clothes you are going to wear on Monday.

Make sure you have a sufficient sleep at night before Monday. Do not let yourself spend too much time scrolling your social networks, reading news or watching TV shows. You will feel on Monday less relaxed anyway, so there is no point in making things even worse.

It is certainly not a good idea to have alcohol in the amounts which can make you feel a hangover the next day at work.

Start your working day earlier

Certainly, our natural wish is to start a working day as late as possible, however, it will be better for you if you start it earlier. In such a way, you will give your brain some time for adaptation and do not get straight into the stressful reality of urgent tasks waiting for you.

Come to your working place a bit earlier to have more time for having a cup of coffee with your colleagues without a rush. Start your working day with an easier task and then come to a more complicated one.

Be attentive to your thoughts

While not all of the psychologists are sure about the positive effect of affirmations believing that it is crucial for people to accept their real emotions and that forcing oneself to think positive when it does not come genuinely, it is still crucial to observe your feelings and thoughts.

If you feel that everything is bad, you hate your work and you ultimately feel depressed, it is time to accept these feelings and, yet, explaining yourself that they are simply not beneficial for you. If you hate your work so much, it is time to think about changing it. In case you are absolutely sure there is no chance to do it right now, you should find a positive side of having it. After all, if it is thus difficult for you to look for another one so far, you should be grateful for having at least the job you have right now.

By the way, there is certainly no point in thinking how much you hate some tasks as you will still have to make them. These are very destructive thoughts which become our habit, however, it is possible to get rid of them. Even though you will not start loving your job, but you will not suffer thus much because of the tasks you have to complete.

Plan something pleasant for Monday

Get out of your internal fight mode and just accept the fact you, just like many other people have to work on Monday and it is certainly not a big deal. This can be more easier to do, if you plan something pleasant for Monday.

This can be anything, starting form something yummy for breakfast or having dinner with your family in a restaurant. You can also plan a meeting with your friend or a workout for Monday. It does not matter what exactly it is. What is crucial is you expecting this pleasant event to happen on Monday which will generally make the day more pleasurable for you.