Are pharmacological diets good for you?

If you have been trying to lose weight for quite a while already, you are certainly aware of how difficult it can be sometimes. There is nothing strange in the wish to find a magic substance which will help people to manage their weight without any effort and a need to resign from their favourite dishes.

The search for such substance has lead to the creation of entire variety of pharmacological substances which are designed with a view to the promotion of weight loss or the limitation of the feeling of hunger. Needless to say, you might be curious about such diets, but it is crucial to understand whether they safe for your health in the first place.

What are the substances used in pharmacological diets?

One of the most popular products consumed by people who want to get rapid results of weight loss without exercising and stabilising one’s diet is a diuretic which is supposed to help people to get rid of excessive water. usually it can have some visual effect of getting loss, however, it is crucial to understand one can get rid of water in such a way rather than of fat.

Other widespread substances are anorectic products. Their aim is to supress the feeling of hunger which is supposed to decrease the amount of food consumed by a person willing to get rid of excessive weight. The offer of the market has also such substances as products designed for burning fat as well as laxatives.

Note that pharmacological diets are supported by such substances as the ones mentioned above, so the majority of them can be purchased freely over the counter. Do not mistake pharmacological diets for the diets using specific food supplements, for example, the notorious capsules with the eggs of parasites. The products used in such diets are mostly used for other purposes while treating some health conditions. Such diets should also not be mistaken for diets which include natural products with similar features such as for example, herbal teas. Even though they can be effective as well, pharmacological diets are based on artificial substances.

The positive sides of pharmacological diets

It is difficult to mention any positive sides of pharmacological diets since they have very serious side effects which will be discussed in the next part of this article. Although one might get the desired effects with the help of some substances, they are accompanied by rather serious health issues.

The negative sides of pharmacological diets

As it has just been mentioned, mostly the negative sides of pharmacological diets are the side effects of the chemical products used in such diets. usually, such substances are described in a very positive and innocent way as if they are just some vitamin which can supress the feeling of hunger or decrease the size of the fat tissues in the body.

Some of these substances are pretty potent and at the same time rather dangerous. One of them is sibutramine which is a major component of many anorectic products. This one is potent indeed, however it can cause anorexia, severe insomnia, psychiatric disorders, depression, acute anxiety, migraines and serious problems in the functioning of the cardio-vascular system. In addition to it, the substance is triggering a strong addiction in the body which is very similar to the one developed by drugs. This substance is now forbidden in many countries.

Actually, one does not have to take such a potent substance in order to feel its side effects. For example, many diuretics which do not seem to be dangerous can actually cause arrhythmia, fever, severe fatigue and stomach aches.

In addition to it, laxatives can create a severe nutritional deficiency and impair the balance of healthy microorganisms living in the gut.

Should you use a pharmacological diet?

The best decision will be to resign from such a diet at all. There is nothing good for you in such a diet no matter which substances it is based on. A proper way of losing weight is a combination of physical activity with a healthy diet and unfortunately, any ways of avoiding these components will only lead to health problems.