Tips for increasing your focus

If you are looking for effective and simple ways for increasing your focus, you are in the right place. You certainly will find it easier to focus if you actually know what to do in order to boost your productivity. It is not thus difficult as you might imagine!

The zen on method

Zen is originally a Chinese term. To keep it short, you can refer to zen as to the ability of doing one thing at a time. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it without paying much attention to any other tasks. If any other stuff requires your attention, you need to divert or shift your whole focus to that other project at once.

Being absolutely wholesome with your task is crucial. While this may sound easy while you are just reading this, you may find it extremely challenging while actually doing so. Do not let the spirit get dissipated here. Like any other skill, this requires some effort at the beginning until your habit takes over it. Then, just sit back and let the flow begin.

Pomodoro technique

This is one of the most effective techniques out there to boost up your focus and work speed. Whether you are a student or businessman, employee or whatever your business is, performing this technique can drastically improve your focus with a refreshed speed and attention span.

How can you apply this method into your life? Let’s say you have to do something for targeted 4 hours. All you have to do is nothing. After every one hour take a short 15 minutes break, and do literally nothing at all. Suppress the urge to check your phone, playing games or chatting or doing anything that drains your mental energy. Rather, recharge yourself, by focusing on your breath, closing your eyes, laying down on the grass and looking at the sky leaving all the judgement behind. Make sure to snap out when the time is up.

Physical exercises

This maybe something you come across a lot, you may hear this a lot but there is strong reason why this is often mentioned when it comes down to improving focus. The primary reason is the fact exercising regularly helps with your blood circulation and keeps the necessary vital substances produced including serotonin and this in turn can help you eradicate the stress hormones that may impact your health and mind in a quite negative way. On top of that, you directly challenge your stamina to be in accordance with your mind and body.

A healthy diet

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” may sound pretty annoying but this is so true it is still resonating with this era. In fact, this is even more true and relatable to the time we are living in than to any other epoch. That is so since we are subsequently bombarded by various junk food advertisements to give us that salty and sugary cravings and the possibility to order whatever we want right away.

Unfortunately, many of us do so without giving much of our conscious choice about the consequences. If you are already on a healthy diet and you do this once a month or sometimes, that is absolutely fine. If not, then not only you are more likely to suffer from low attention span over time but also prone to fall under some sort of health risks, which eventually will force you to adopt a healthy diet. It is definitely better stick with the precaution than the cure.

A healthy sleeping routine

Getting a good night sleep is a must if you want to level your focus up and stay at top of your game. We may think that when we sleep we are completely resting. Unfortunately, it is not true. This maybe a surprise but our body and mind never sleep. We just get below a frequency level of our brain where we are not aware, and this in turn, recovers our body from any memories of the previous days and helps us to recharge our body and mind for the next day.

These recommendations may sound so trivial and mundane, yet, the whole formula lies within this mundane things we do. Get on with this everyday things and see the results in 30 days.

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  1. We all need to work on focus. I get especially distracted by my phone and social media while working

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